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Fu Sheng Optical Industry Co., Ltd, a professional industrial safety glasses manufacturer. We have own facilities in Taiwan's factory for high-quality control and cost-saving. Safety glasses for workplace and sporting sunglasses are our main products.
By reliable quality and competitive price, we are able to sell safety glasses to all over the world. We have Testing Facilities following the international standard for our Quality Control systems to ensure safety quality and impact resistance test etc. such as CSA, CE EN166, ANSI Z87.1.

Please feel free to contact us with following if you are interested in our safety glasses, we look forward to receiving your inquiry and comments, I would like to say that our expert experience can 100% meet your needs.

Fu Sheng Optical Industry Co., Ltd.

Safety glasses manufacturer
No 32 Gong Ye 1st Road,
Tainan Technology Industrial Park,
Tainan 70955, Taiwan
Tel : 886-6-384-2535
Fax : 886-6-384-2537

E-mail: fusheng@fusheng-optical.com
Website: www.fusheng-optical.com


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